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Pocket Flower Press - Daisy

Pocket Flower Press - Daisy


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This cute daisy pocket flower press, allows you to preserve the beauty of nature while creating unique, individual artwork. Its portable and designed to fit in your pocket, making it perfect for on-the-go creativity. With included instructions, this is a great way to spend quality time in nature.

  • The perfect partner for collecting flora out on your wanders. Safely press your flora in the pocket press so your plant materials stay intact.
  • Fasten using the elastic bands and pop the press in your pocket.
  • The press comes complete with 5 sheets of corrugated card and 8 of sugar paper to give ample space to press flowers.
  • Info card fastened to back of each press with product image and ‘how to use’ information
  • Printed and finished in England
  • Dimensions: 12cm x 8cm


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