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Twill Fleck Scarf - Ardalanish

Twill Fleck Scarf - Ardalanish

By Ardalanish

Fashion, Scarf Knitwear

Made on the Isle of Mull

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This scarf is woven on the Isle of Mull, at Ardalanish Farm using traditional Victorian looms. The wool used includes the dark Hebridean wool from their own flock of sheep, as well as lighter yarn including Burach (pale grey), Oatmeal, Shetland White and a blue yarn dip-dyed by hand at Ardalanish using natural colouring from the plant woad. 

Brushed for softness, the blue's and grey's in the woad scarf make it a favourite with our staff. 

We also have a special version of the Twill Fleck scarf with a series of red stripes at one end, made from red yarn dip dyed by hand using natural colouring from the plant madder. 

Measurements: 28 cm (W) x 175 cm (L)

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