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Whin and Woad Blanket - Ardalanish

Whin and Woad Blanket - Ardalanish

By Ardalanish

Homeware, Blanket Accessories

Made on the Isle of Mull

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This stunning Whin and Woad Blanket is a wee reminder of summer: the yellow stripes dyed with Whin (or Gorse) flowers and the blue stripes dyed with Woad. The Whin is in full and glorious flower midsummer across the hillsides on Mull and the Woad Blue stripes hint at our big summer skies. The tiny yellow flowers of the of the gorse bushes are collected with much care, trying to avoid the plant`s prickly defences.

The stripes in the warp are evenly spaced between panels of pure Shetland white wool and textured panels of Shetland Moorit and White marled yarn. The weft is pure Shetland White.

Luxuriously soft with a brushed finish, this blanket would grace any bed or sofa.

Approx 150cm wide x 180 cm long

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