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Minor Light - Sound of Mull

Minor Light - Sound of Mull

By David Page

Made on the Isle of Mull

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Original acrylic on canvas by David Page. 

One of fourteen new paintings from David's new exhibition - Shoreward Mull.

The west coast bears the striking legacy of the 19th-century lighthouse constructions, a marvel of formal complexity and technical precision. These structures, predominantly erected on rocky outcrops by the Stevenson family, take the form of vertical towers. Framed by living quarters for the dedicated lighthouse keepers, who maintained the lights through meticulous rotas and self-sufficiency. However, the advent of automation marked the end of this era. What remains are the smaller, modern versions known as the ‘minor lights’, captured here with a scrape of paint—a minimalist homage to the grand efforts of the past.

Each painting in the SHOREWARD Mull exhibition will be accompanied by a limited edition, large-format book, featuring the full collection and David's insightful personal notes.

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Unframed and ready to hang

Dimensions: 100 cm (H) x 100 cm (W) x 3 cm (D)

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