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Veil - Loch Beg

Veil - Loch Beg

By David Page

Made on the Isle of Mull

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Original acrylic on canvas by David Page. 

One of fourteen new paintings from David's new exhibition - Shoreward Mull.

S.J. Peploe spoke of the ‘veils’ of mist in Scotland which he preferred artistically to the ‘blue skies and clear distances’ of the Mediterranean. This sentiment was later echoed by the mid-20th century Scottish artist Joan Eardley who remarked on the stark difference between Italy and Scotland, noting the former’s lack of mists and the tendency for colours to blend into greys. In this painting, the sea loch gently merges into marshy ground, mirroring the hills as they fade into the mist, a celebratory rendering of the atmospheric veil that both Peploe and Eardley wrote about.

Each painting in the SHOREWARD Mull exhibition will be accompanied by a limited edition, large-format book, featuring the full collection and David's insightful personal notes.

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Unframed and ready to hang

Dimensions: 100 cm (H) x 100 cm (W) x 3 cm (D)

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